Innovation in Drug Research

The pharmaceutical sciences at the Faculty of Life Sciences of the University of Vienna have great expertise regarding modern research into, and development of, active substances. This expertise is being maintained and further expanded in cooperation with national and international academic institutions, as well as life science enterprises. Based on the development and application of innovative platform technologies, the aim here is early-stage research and the development of pharmaceutical drugs in the areas of chemotherapeutics, neuroscience and metabolic disease, and encompasses fields such as computational molecular design, research into natural products, identification of molecular modes of action, molecular imaging, formulation, quality control, nanomedicine and clinical pharmacy. The integration of this research area into the Faculty of Life Sciences with its well-established key research areas (biomolecules for a healthy lifespan, computational life sciences, and cognition, behaviour and neuroscience) places it at the central interface between chemistry, molecular biology (Max Perutz Labs) and medicine.

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Innovation in pharmaceutical research represents the basis of, and a great opportunity for, further fruitful translational research in the pharmaceutical field, since companies active in biomedical research are increasingly deciding against carrying out preclinical early-stage research themselves and are instead collaborating with academic institutions to implement programmes for reaching new goals.

Research Groups

Research Group / PIResearch TopicDepartment
Lea Ann DaileyPharmaceutical Technology and BiopharmaceuticsPharmaceutical Sciences
Verena DirschNatural Products and their Molecular MechanismsPharmaceutical Sciences
Sabine Glasl-TazreiterSecondary Metabolites of Ethnomedicinal PlantsPharmaceutical Sciences
Ulrich LächeltIntracellular Drug DeliveryPharmaceutical Sciences
Thierry LangerCheminformaticsPharmaceutical Sciences
Manfred OgrisMacromolecular Cancer TherapeuticsPharmaceutical Sciences
Julien OrtsDrug Discovery by Advanced NMR MethodsPharmaceutical Sciences
Verena PichlerDrug and Imaging Probe Development Targeting the Nervous SystemPharmaceutical Sciences
Christoph RademacherMolecular Drug TargetingPharmaceutical Sciences
Gottfried ReznicekPhytochemical analysisPharmaceutical Sciences
Judith Maria RollingerDrug Leads from NaturePharmaceutical Sciences
Nina SchützenmeisterSynthesis of Natural Products and Analogues, Development of Novel Anti-infective CompoundsPharmaceutical Sciences
Ernst UrbanNMR-Spectroscopy and Structure DeterminationPharmaceutical Sciences
Anna WeinzingerMolecular Modeling of Ion ChannelsPharmaceutical Sciences
Marietta ZilleCerebrovascular PharmacologyPharmaceutical Sciences