Cognition, Behavior and Neuroscience

This key research area studies the neuronal, hormonal and cognitive bases of behaviour. Its strengths derive from a comparative approach encompassing numerous model organisms, and a variety of research approaches that study questions ranging from the development and function of neuronal circuits to animal behaviour in social groups. This research aims to investigate the interplay between genetic, physiological and environmental factors that significantly influence the behaviour and cognition of animals, as well as the evolution of behaviour. This includes the examination of the cellular processes that lead to the development and functional information processing of neuronal circuits – including their plastic modulation – as well as complex social behavioural interactions, such as cooperation, communication and coping with stress.

© Max Hofbauer & Martin Streinzer: Spider, sitting in a virtual reality setup

© Georgine Szipl: Group of raven

© Eva Millesi: Hamster, sitting in a meadow

The goals in this key research area include strengthening the cognitive and behavioural sciences as well as neuroscience, and intensifying the academic interactions between neuroscience, cognition, pharmacy and the nutritional sciences. The activities in the context of this key research area contribute to enhancing inter-faculty collaboration and to establishing cooperation with relevant research groups in and around Vienna (IMP Research Institute of Molecular Pathology, IMBA Institute of Molecular Biotechnology and IST Institute of Science and Technology Austria).

Research Groups

Research Group / PI Research Topic Department
Thomas Bugnyar Social Behaviour, Complex Cognition and Evolution of Mind Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
Virginie Canoine Physiology and Adaptability of Behaviour from an Ecological Perspective Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
William Tecumseh Sherman Fitch Cognitive Biology; Animal Communication Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
Friedrich Ladich Acoustic Communication in Fishes Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
Eva Millesi Behavioural Biology of Small Mammals Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
Katrin Schäfer Anthropogenic Evolution Evolutionary Anthropology
Isabella Scheiber Arctic Barnacle Geese Research Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
Sabine Tebbich Conservation, Behaviour and Ecology of Darwin’s finches Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
Bernard Wallner Behavioral Molecular Biology Behavioral and Cognitive Biology
Manuel Zimmer Neural Network Dynamics and Behaviour Neurosciences and Developmental Biology