Research Support Grants

Research Support Grants can be applied for by postdocs of the Faculty of Life Sciences to support (i) the presentation of results at scientific meetings, (ii) participation in special methods courses, workshops and research trainings, (iii) short-term stays (up to three months) outside Vienna to acquire new methodological expertise or continue experimental work in the research group of a collaborating partner, and (iv) urgently required consumables, which cannot be purchased by other funds (in this case extra separate justification by the PI is necessary). A total of 10 grants per year are available.


  • Postdoctoral researchers with a fixed-term contract (no Senior Scientist, Senior Lecturer or Assistant Professor TT) can apply. The signature of the respective PI is necessary for each application, in case of self-financed employment the signature of the hosting PI is required.  

  • The Dean´s office will check formalities and decide based on need, clear and detailed justification, and available financial resources. Only one application per postdoc is possible per calendar year.

  • A maximum of 1000 Euro can be applied for and must be spent within the same calendar year.

  • No deadline applies, but the application has to be sent to at least 8 weeks before the trip, purchase of laboratory reagents or the trainings and workshops. It is not possible to retroactively apply for a grant.