Postdoctoral Researcher Seed Grant

The Postdoctoral Researcher Seed Grant is a supporting measure for initial/pilot-studies and research experiments conducted by Postdoctoral Researchers. The purpose of this grant is twofold:

  • To obtain the necessary results needed for an application for external funding
  • To foster collaboration among Postdoctoral Researchers from different departments across the faculty, ultimately contributing to the advancement of their academic careers. Proposals with clear interdisciplinarity are encouraged

Five grants are available per year. Funding amounts are up to 4,000 EUR for a single Postdoctoral Researcher application and up to 8,000 EUR for an application involving two or more Postdoctoral Researchers.


  • Open to all Postdoctoral Researchers with temporary contracts (global budget or third-party funded).
  • Senior Scientists are not eligible.
  • Employment throughout the funding period is required.
  • In the case of collaborative applications, the postdocs involved must come from at least two different departments within the faculty, with interdisciplinary collaborations being rated more highly.
  • Postdoctoral Researchers can only apply for either this grant or for Interdisciplinary Research Networks announced in the same year.