Research Networks

Research networks are an instrument to bring together researchers at the University of Vienna, in particular in subject areas that are relevant for society, and create a critical mass, which can be the starting point for applications for research platforms.

The following research networks have been established with the participation of researchers from the Faculty of Life Sciences:


Climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution are highly complex global challenges and require integrated and interdisciplinary collaboration. To meet these challenges, the "Environment and Climate Research Hub" (ECH) bridges faculties and centres, considering disciplinary anchoring and existing high-class track records, to promote excellent research in the field of environment and climate. The ECH strengthens the reputation of the University of Vienna nationally and internationally, increases its attractiveness internationally as an employer and research site, supports the excellent education of the next generation, and promotes the internal cohesion of the University.


Vienna Cognitive Science Hub is a network of researchers at the University of Vienna active in various disciplines of Cognitive Science and Neuroscience. The overarching goal of the Vienna CogSciHub is to foster interdisciplinary research in the cognitive sciences in Vienna. A unique characteristic of our Hub is that we incorporate cognitive sciences in the broadest sense, not just “traditional” fields like psychology and computer science, but also the humanities (art history, linguistics, musicology, and philosophy), and life sciences (cognitive biology, evolution research, and neuroscience). The core topic binding these fields together is methodology: the scientists in the Hub share an empirical mind-set that involves using (and often sharing) a diverse set of methods including eye-tracking, statistical modelling, field methods, virtual reality, EEG, fMRI, and brain stimulation (TMS and tDCS).