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Didone Frigerio from the KLF Grünau is breaking new ground: Together with her team, she has developed the app "Research in the Almtal".

Frigerio has been involving local residents – especially children and youngsters – in monitoring bird species such as graylag geese, ravens or bald ibises (the latter threatened with extinction) for many years now. One focus is on the mechanisms governing the social life of the birds. Frigerio and her team from KLF Grünau are now pursuing new approaches within the framework of the project “Visible Science”, which is a cooperative effort with the Cumberland Wildpark Grünau: “Forschen im Almtal” (Research at Almtal), which can be downloaded free of charge, enables children, youngsters and adults without previous experience to very simply document sightings and observations of graylag, ravens and bald ibises. Over a period of three years, the Citizen Scientists are called upon to use the App for this task, which involves observing the brooding behavior of the adult birds, how juveniles are integrated and how information on preferred sites is transmitted. [read more]

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