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Healthy diet helps to protect from diseases


"Nutrition plays an important role in protecting from diseases such as type 2 diabetes", says Annemarie Grindel from the Department of Nutritional Sciences.

Type 2 diabetes currently affects about eight percent of the Austrian population - and the trend is growing. Diabetes develops over years. It can be assumed that many people are in the precursor to diabetes. The scientists, lead by Karl-Heinz Wagner, were also able to prove the potential of healthy diet with regard to type 2 diabetes: 76 diseased persons consumed 300 grams of vegetables per day over a period of eight weeks (which corresponds to the recommendations). "We could conclude that the bioactive ingredients from the vegetables were absorbed after eight weeks of increased intake. This had a positive effect on the whole body: HbAc values and glucose levels changed, DNA damage decreased. The risk score for cardiovascular disease could also be reduced", says Karl-Heinz Wagner in an interview with uni:view upon the "Semesterfrage" of the University of Vienna: "Gesundheit aus dem Labor, was ist möglich?" [read more].

Annemarie Grindel, Karl-Heinz Wagner (Department of Nutritional Sciences)